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Frequently Asked Questions
Why was Ring Wrapper designed with ridges inside? Ring Wrapper's exclusive silicone ridges slip over both sides of your ring, keeping your ring secure on your finger! Our patent-pending ridges completely seal around your ring and protect it from harmful substances like lotions, soaps, chemicals, dirt, etc. Does Ring Wrapper come off clean? Ring Wrapper has a patent pending design to hold your ring in place without any glues, tape or adhesives. Ring Wrapper comes off easily and clean, and won't ever leave sticky adhesives or marks on your ring Is Ring Wrapper reusable? Ring Wrapper is strong and durable, and lasts for countless uses. So re-use away! How often should I clean my Ring Wrapper? Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs, so naturally, clean your Ring Wrapper whenever you wash your hands! To do so, scrub with mild soap under running water, then towel or air dry. My ring has an extremely large diamond on it. Will Ring Wrapper work for me? Our Original Collection design fits bands and small stones. Our Diamond Collection design fits tall diamond rings. With these two options, Ring Wrapper will protect just about any type of ring. What are the features of Ring Wrapper? Is Ring Wrapper electrically insulating? Will it protect me from arcing if it comes into contact with electricity? Yes. We know that you want to keep your ring on when you work with electronics and other jobs that could cause a shock through your ring. That's why we've made Ring Wrapper electrically insulating up to 20,000 Volts. My work asks us to wear tape around our rings. Will Ring Wrapper work instead? Yes. Double check that it's okay with your employer, but Ring Wrapper will not only feel more comfortable during the day, but it will provide better protection than tape. Plus it comes off easy and clean, and is reusable. If you do not find the answer you are looking for above, contact us, we are glad to help!