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The Story
It all started one evening in New York City, two weeks after Karen and Mike (the inventors), got engaged. Karen was weeks away from graduating with her Master's degree, and she and Mike attended a Gala held by the school to celebrate. As the couple was leaving and saying good-bye to friends and classmates, Karen's ring fell off her hand. She didn't notice that her ring was gone, and continued to say her good-byes. Moments later she felt her hand, and her ring was gone! She panicked, searched the ground briefly, and whispered to her friends to tell them what happened. She hoped it would be right near her somewhere on the ground, and could quickly put it back on her finger. After a steady search, Karen and her friends deduced that her ring didn't just fall on the sidewalk- it must have fallen down the city sewer drain! Karen, worried and embarrassed, told Mike what had happened - that her ring had fallen off, and she couldn't find it anywhere. Both Mike and Karen were very upset. How could this happen? Karen's ring was loose on her finger, and since they had only been engaged for 2 weeks, Karen wanted to wear it to show to her friends and family before giving it up to get it re-sized. She walked around with her fingers slightly curled so it wouldn't accidentally fall off, but in the excitement of the gala, she had forgotten to do so. Luckily, they found a NYPD officer who opened the grate, climbed down 20 feet, and dug in the muck - ultimately finding the ring. It was a terrifying ordeal for the newly engaged couple. Knowing that there had to be a way to prevent this from ever happening again, and with nothing on the market to solve the problem, Mike set out to design and manufacture a ring protector that would offer a solution to loose rings or for anyone who may find themselves worrying about their ring. Shortly after, Ring Wrapper was launched for sale in July 2010. Ring Wrapper has become much more than a ring protector for brides-to-be. It gets proudly worn by users all over the world while doing some of the most extreme activities imaginable - a few of which include white water rafting, paragliding in the French Alps, and scuba diving - and it provides peace of mind for new mothers, mechanics, chefs, nurses, emergency crews, artists, gardeners, factory workers and many others. We hope that you will become a part of the Ring Wrapper story and give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind by protecting your precious ring!